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The Forty Effin Niners

The Adventures of a Part-Time Security Guard during the Reign of the Team of the Eighties

The thirtieth anniversary of Montana’s Super Bowl drive and Bill Walsh’s retirement (1989) is upon us. Author Rick Pucci’s a regular guy thrust into the midst of a dynasty in the making: the San Francisco 49ers of Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, and Bill Walsh. Pucci’s memoir is a blend of sports, culture, romance gone bad, and nineteen-eighties Americana from a fresh insider perspective.

Inside topics include Fred Dean and Bill Walsh’s father’s secret, Golden Globe winner Teri Hatcher, Ronnie Lott’s amputation; Jerry Rice’s superstition, quiet Joe Montana as prankster, trash talker and his secret route deep in the bowels of Candlestick.

Culled from copious notes at that time, this natural is for sports and non-sports fans alike.

In the eighties, these hapless Niners pull SF’s spirits from the morass of the Jonestown massacre and the murders of Mayor George Moscone and Harvey Milk. They also cured the author’s broken heart.



The Forty Effin Niners

The Forty Effin Niners